Hi guys, welcome to today’s thread segment where we’ll be talking about the asbestosis. On this very content, we’ll be introducing you you to the term and its related takes.


In a nutshell, Asbestosis is a rare long-term lung condition which is caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos.

It is developed around 20-30 years after you have breathed in a considerable amount of asbestos dust in the course of your work.

Also, Asbestosis is long term scarring of the lungs due to asbestos. It’s symptoms may include the following;


shortness of breath

wheezing, and

chest pain.

Complications may include lung cancer, mesothelioma, and pulmonary heart disease.

Asbestosis is widely caused by breathing in asbestos fibers. Generally, it requires a relatively large exposure over a long period of time.

What Are the Symptoms of Asbestosis?

As per discoveries and researches, there are so many symptoms, but on this very thread; I will be highlighting the formal and recommendable ones.

If you breathe in asbestos fibers, they can get lodged inside your lungs and cause scarring. This scarring leads to your lungs shrinking and hardening.

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In turn, this results in you getting short of breath as your lungs cannot hold as much air as they used to. At first this may only happen after you’ve been physically active but it can eventually become a more constant problem. Other symptoms include:

  • a persistent cough
  • wheezing
  • fatigue or extreme tiredness
  • pain in your chest or shoulder
  • in more advanced cases, clubbed (swollen) fingertips


Whenever you noticed any of those out-listed symptoms, please do not hesitate to discuss it with your GP.

Now in doing so, your GP may be able to hear a crackling sound in your lungs and may recommend a chest X-ray which, in some cases, can show the scarring of asbestosis.

Furthermore, peradventure asbestosis was discovered, your GP without hesitation will refer you to a hospital specialist for further tests.

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These tests could be lung function test and a CT scan of your chest. The test will be done by a special X-ray machine and it takes a picture of a cross-section of your body.

Treatment For Asbestosis

As we all generally know, there is no current cure for asbestosis or any asbestos related cancer.

Now since there are no cure for such, you can easily take some steps to reduce your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

On this, here are some steps that will certainly help you on this long run;

  • Oxygen therapy can go a long way in helping you if you have ow levels of oxygen in your blood.
  • One of the most important things you can do is stop smoking. Hence smoking are can make it to grow worst.
  • If your breathlessness limits your activity, pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) might help. PR is a programme of exercise and education for people with a lung condition.

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